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Multiple Modes of Operation

The SunCooler™ can operate in four modes for maximum efficiency:

•Heat Extraction
Removes excess heat by exhausting it outside the building

•Thermal Balancing Destratification
Increases heating efficiency by pulling down hot air from the ceiling and forcing it downward. This requires the destratifier option (included on some models).

•Thermal Balancing with Fresh Air Mix
Mixes fresh outside air with hot ceiling air to create the optimal temperatures and forces it downward. This requires the destratifier option (included on some models).

•Fresh Air Induction (Night Flush)
Pulls in cold air from outside the building to quickly achieve and maintain your target temperature, reducing dependency on expensive air conditioning.

Simple and Fast Installation

The SunCooler™ can be quickly and easily installed to replace any existing vent hoods on your building. No hoods? No worries! No major infrastructural modifications are needed to install a SunCooler™ when there are no pre-existing penetrations available. All you need is a professional HVAC or roofing contractor for the process. No electrical hook-up required - no wires to run!

WiFi Control

The SunCoolerTM is WiFi enabled allowing you to eliminate trips to the roof for control changes or firmware updates. Easily control an individual unit or your entire array from your SunConfig™ enabled device.

What is SunConfig™? This software comes preloaded on your custom tablet and allows you to control and program all your SunCooler™ units! Each order provides at least one tablet (more options available) configured just for your needs.

Versatile and Unique

The SunCooler™ has unlimited applications due to its unique adaptability. It can provide significant benefit buildings in any industry.

100% Green, Solar Powered and Off-Grid

The SunCooler™ is completely powered by its own solar and battery system. It does not require a connection to any outside power source. This means that the SunCooler™ can be used anywhere - grid or no grid!

Modes of Operation

  • Heat Extraction

    Heat Extraction

  • Thermal Balancing Destratification

    Thermal Balancing Destratification

  • Thermal Balancing with Fresh Air

    Thermal Balancing with Fresh Air

  • Fresh Air Induction (Night Flush)

    Fresh Air Induction (Night Flush)

  • Installed SunCooler™

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    SunCooler™ Fan

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    Multiple SunCoolers™ Working Together

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    SunCooler™ Installation in Progress

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    SunCooler™ Destratifier

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    Self-Contained Battery System

Watch Destratification in Action!

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